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Gillespie Ford is located on the northwest corner of San Antonio, right down the highway from Ingram Park Mall. The address is 7111 Nw Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78238. Gillespie Ford is known around San Antonio as a big seller of the Ford Ranger – their claim to fame is “The Number one Ranger Dealer in the World!” If you listen to the radio much at all, then you’ve heard the ads. And dont’ worry – Gillespie does carry the full Ford line, not just rangers. Will they have the best deal on the car or truck you’re looking for?

5 Responses to “Gillespie Ford”

  1. Rebecca Curtis Says:

    I have purchased 3 other vehicles with this dealership with absolutely no problems. this time, we thought the finance person went thru the contract ” a little too fast” and then when we scrutinized it, we found out why! they had charged us 26000.00 for a 21,000 (which is still a tad high) extended cab ranger! (at 539.00 per month) After the rebates, and my 1500.00 cash down, we were still somehow financing 23000! even after we asked them why we were charged so much and they hedged around and said that we were charged a fee for our financing! we were told we would not be paying the “fiance fee” and then couldnt seem to explain why the amount was wrong. on the contract there was no itemization about a “fee” for financing. they refused to re-do the contract, and instead offered us a thousand dollars to compensate for it! I was under the impression that was a customer loyalty incentive anyway! I will NEVER purchase another vehicle from a ford dealership if this is the way i can expect to be treated now. if a REPEAT, LOYAL customer is treated like this, maybe it’s time to go with a foreign vehicle! I will be telling everyone i know how shabbily I was treated and how Gillespie’s attitude toward customer service has declined.

  2. admin Says:

    When we started this site, one of our principles was to never censor comments, except for profanity. We’ll hold true to that in every case, including this one. It sounds like Rebecca had an awful experience at Gillespie – certainly not what you would expect after being such a loyal customer. I urge everyone to please read your contracts carefully, before you sign! Remember, there are some unscrupulous finance managers out there, though the majority are hard working and honest.

  3. Melissa Edmonds Says:

    I took my 2004 Ford Focus to Gillepie Ford a couple months ago to fix an electrical problem with my car. First of all, they were VERY rude to me. Second of all they had my car for a week and the day after I got it back, the same problem with my car occured. I called them to say that my car wouldn’t start to even bring it to them and they told me I had to find my own way to get the car to them. After managing to get the car started they told me it was now the alternator that needed to be fixed and almost refused to give me my car back when I told them their price for the alternator was way too much. I ended up letting them replace it and have had it back for 2 months and the same problem is happening again.

  4. joe garza Says:

    from my website:
    is there a competent, honest auto repair shop in san antonio? gillespie ford on 410, near Ingram mall, just gave an estimate for 300 dollars to replace the spark plugs on a 99 mercury grand marquis… they must think i’m stupid. i called another place based on a recommendation, and the person answering the phone there is an automotive illiterate. she didn’t understand what valve clatter was. that’ll fill you with confidence!

    where can a guy get his car fixed around here?

  5. j-jones Says:

    I’ve been a technician for several years at two ford dealers.The finance guys come and go quite often,stop and think how they make their money.Always slow down in that office and ask questions.Beware of warranties offered also.

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